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Echo CEO Rob Coppedge named to GCV Powerlist for fifth year in a row

Echo Health Ventures CEO Rob Coppedge was named this week to the Global Corporate Venturing Powerlist for the fifth year in a row.

The annual list features the 100 most influential people in corporate venture capital. Global Corporate Venturing notes that Coppedge is one of 28 people on this year’s list who have been honored five or more times, “a group we’ve dubbed the “Five-star Powerlisters.” This is a sign of another trend in CVC — increasing longevity for units and investors.”

In this year’s GCV profile, Rob said that corporate venture capital has matured over the last couple decades and is well positioned to support innovation that improves the health care experience.

“We have grown up as an industry. We have real leaders, we have strong process, we have infrastructure, we have proven we can do this. So now we can take on the challenge of connecting our work to truly advancing on this essential innovation agenda, measuring it and holding all parties accountable.”

In a healthcare context, where even basic access to services is lacking for many, Coppedge looks forward to backing startups focused on improving outcomes for mental health, maternal health and rural healthcare, as well as seeing effective use cases for generative AI in healthcare.