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Heartbeat Health CEO Jeff Wessler says telemedicine can improve access to cardiac care

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Telemedicine can improve access to heart care, said Jeff Wessler, MD, Founder and CEO of Heartbeat Health, on a new podcast with Oliver Wyman’s Ann Kaplan.

Heartbeat Health is a New York-based company that delivers virtual-first cardiology services. Through its Heart app, the company offers telemedicine, diagnostics, referrals, care coordination, and more. Patients connect directly with  cardiologists who utilize real-time data to help patients manage their heart conditions.

On the podcast, Dr. Kessler said telemedicine can be part of the solution for patients who wait weeks for an appointment with a cardiologist, when early diagnosis is critical to managing a patient’s condition. It’s time for speciality care to catch up to primary care on utilizing telehealth, he said.

Wessler was the 2022 recipient of Oliver Wyman’s Tom Main Health Innovation Mentorship, a program that pairs innovators with senior members of Oliver Wyman’s Health and Life Sciences practice to help map out a growth strategy for their company.

Listen to the podcast here.